Majestic Productions
Graphic Recording

Our Majestic Purpose

Accuracy. Creativity. Thoughtfulness.

We want our clients to know that first and foremost, we are here to accurately capture their most important moments. This is art that works for you. When you partner with us, you will feel confident that we've got your most important points covered.

We love being able to express our love of helping people through engaging architecture pieces, Live, graphic recording, Doodly videos, and any other medium that helps communicate the message our clients want to convey.


At Majestic Productions, we want you to know that YOU are at the centre of everything we do. From start to finish, we provide a highly personalized experience and when your project concludes, what you walk away with, is a one-of-a-kind, memorable illustration that will leave everyone talking long past the end of your event.

Our Mission:

The best choice for Graphic Recording in the Yukon

We are a live-capture, graphic recording company that uses hand drawn sketches to synthesize the most important messages of your gathering into an engaging, innovative and useful takeaway your team can use to make important next steps. We also create videos using a similar technique to engage your customers online.  At Majestic Productions we not only provide you with an artful piece of work, but we think of it as Art at work. Let us show you what we do and how our services can work for you in person or virtually.

What people are saying:

"Marjie and Majestic Productions were part of Yukon's first ever Social Sector Summit in October 2020, which brought together 100 participants in nonprofit, business, First Nations and government for a one-day virtual summit. Throughout the day, from the keynote address to breakout sessions, we got to watch Marjie create a graphic story of the themes and ideas from the day. Her images featured prominently as part of the What we Heard report following the Summit. So much of our community connection is about storytelling and Marjie helped tell the story of our sector." ~ Wendy Morrison, Founder of YZED Projects and Host of the Social Sector Summit.

Wendy M.


"One of my class assignments was to complete an oral presentation that described various life stages. I'd seen Marjie's extraordinary work and consulted with her on how to create a graphic that would best capture the information. Working with her was a very positive experience and the results were impressive. I would highly recommend her services for anyone that wants to provide added impact to their work!"

Maureen C.