Graphic Illustration


Graphic recording is the skill of listening, synthesizing, and translating the spoken word into a visual illustration in real-time. 
Capturing what is meaningful to you, at your next event or gathering or even virtually!

Graphic Illustration image
Graphic Recording image

 Let us help you expand your communication toolbox by creating an animation for your business, NPO. Whether it's an explainer video, workshop or training session - animation is a great way to get your audience's attention!

Our custom charts are created to convey your important messages to your group or audience. These can vary from very practical pieces such as welcome posters, models, agendas to much more elaborate 'information compositions' that can take much longer to create and complete.

 Need an innovative approach to traditional note taking? Want to make your message more accessible to a broader audience?

Work with our Graphic Recorder!


"Marjie was patient and really listened to what I wanted. She took the time to make any changes until I was happy with the final product. I absolutely love what she put together!"

Michelle / Activist/Owner / ElectHer