About Us

We want our clients to know that first and foremost, we are here to ACCURATELY capture their most important moments. This is art that works for you. When you partner with us, you will feel confident that we've got your most important points covered.

We love being able to express our love of helping people through engaging architecture pieces, Live, graphic recording, Doodly videos, and any other medium that helps communicate the message our clients want to convey.


At Majestic Productions, we want you to know that YOU are at the centre of everything we do. From start to finish, we provide a highly personalized experience and when your project concludes, what you walk away with, is a one-of-a-kind, visual illustration that will leave everyone talking long past the end of your event.

Our Mission:

To offer a personalized and holistic approach to creating engaging visuals that inspire new and innovative ways of telling your story or delivering your message.

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Meet Marjie

Marjie Cowell, Owner of Majestic Productions, has been an artist expressing herself through art, from early childhood drawing, writing, painting, singing were all important forms of expression for her. Later throughout her education, she used graphic note taking(without knowing it at the time) to help her remember key ideas and themes in her studies.

Marjie combined her creative talents and event planning skills to provide leadership for several non profits in Whitehorse since moving here in 2001 including The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Society, The Royal Canadian Legion and Humane Society Yukon.  

In 2014 Marjie met her first Graphic Recorder. Seeing them in action, doing something that has always come quite naturally to her, was an "ah-ha moment" like no other and planted the seed that just keeps growing. The next year, Marjie completed the Fundamentals of working Visually available on line by Visual Practitioner, Christina Merkley at and has continued to develop her skills
as a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

Since 2015 Marjie has been attending meetings, workshops and conferences, working on a variety of creative projects around Whitehorse including most recently, for Yukon College providing graphic recording services.

In 2018 She led a workshop at the Administrative Professionals Conference of Canada discussing how graphic recording can be utilized by  administrative professionals, selling out her first workshop.

Her artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. She loves helping her clients achieve their goals by capturing the most meaningful content from their engagement. She is never content with standing still or doing the 'same old thing' and
is always looking for her next engaging project.


Majestic Productions was easy to work with; Marjie was energetic, friendly and creative. My favourite window painting was the beautiful landscape at the new operations building. It was  colourful, fun and full of life.

Thanks again